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Greetings from India! Happy New Year 2020

Action Requested: http://bit.ly/S4Amelica

Ref: http://amelica.org/


Dear Colleagues and Friends

You are all aware that the year 2020 was the year for Open Access and there
were good efforts to make the World Open Access by 2020. However, we could
not meet the deadline. This is mainly because  of not reaching to a
conclusion and still debating on Open Access for Profit or Non Profit!?

Now I am not going to saying much on Open Access but would like to draw
your attention towards Amelica.org, AmeliCA XML markup language which is
developed by the AmeliCA as a "communication infrastructure for scholarly
publishing and open science, sustained cooperatively". It is for a
"non-profit publishing model to preserve the scholarly and open nature of
scientific communication"

Supported by UNESCO, CLACSO & Redalyc, this AmeliCA XML is compliant with
JATS standards and helps all the scholarly journals that promote a
non-profit publishing model to preserve the scholarly and open nature of
scientific communication.

The AmeliCA XML helps to produce HTML, ePUB, PDF etc versions which the
scholarly societies can use and make their journals more visible worldwide
over internet. And also get their publications preserved and communicate
with other platforms.

With this background, I am proposing that lets all join together in
building not for profit scholarly publishing ecosystem. The journals in
South Asia which are traditional print only are not slowly moving towards
online and open access but their native publications are only in PDF

I am sure and confident that the journals when adopt and use the AmeliCA
XML, the journal articles will be better formatted and are available for
interoperable and sharing.

The journal of Horticultural Sciences (JHS) ISSN 0973-354X
https://jhs.iihr.res.in/index.php/jhs/about from India had recently joined
AmeliCA and is now in the process of publishing its articles using AmeliCA
XML markup language.

Similarly, if the journal editors from South Asia are willing to use
AmeliCA XML may please express their interest by filling the form at
http://bit.ly/S4Amelica. We may get offline or online meeting/workshop and
capacity building for the same.

Thanks & Regards



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