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Dear Heather,

Perhaps to add to your inventory http://www.openaccess.nl/news/420-healthy-growth-of-open-access-publications-in-the-netherlands

The figures of OA publication in Narcis are:

Year		OA 
ending 	Publications
2013		365,698
2012		310,144
2011		270,519

All the best 

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The December 2013 Dramatic Growth of Open Access is now available:

This is the first open source edition. Data files are available in non-proprietary formats and licensing has been removed and replaced with some thoughts on attribution, repeated here to encourage discussion. Note that these comments are about data in spreadsheet format, not articles or the blog commentary. 

To attribute or not to attribute? 

If you are using the data for scholarly purposes, you should cite your source. This is not a copyright issue, it's a question of appropriate scholarly practice. Using this data in a scholarly work without citing the source would constitute plagiarism, a serious offense in academia which can cost students their degrees and scholars their jobs. Aside from the question of plagiarism, when writing scholarly works you should point to your sources so that readers can look up the data themselves. There is no need for copyright! If you are using the data for the purposes of promoting open access, attribution is welcome and encouraged, but please use your judgement. If you're using a few figures on an open access poster or presentation, don't let attribution take away from the effectiveness of your presentation.

My hope is that this small step will encourage all of us in the open access movement to move away from our hard critical approaches to move to a new era of open discussion on the nuances of best practices to transition to open access.  While I remain firmly opposed to what I consider the overly simplistic and dangerous perspective equating the Creative Commons CC-BY license with open access, I see the value of open sharing of data and would welcome a discussion about how to make this happen.

Happy 2014!!

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