[GOAL] Re: Open Access Mandates: Q&A with the NIH

Andrew A. Adams aaa at meiji.ac.jp
Sun May 20 14:43:38 BST 2012

> Stevan,  Andrew, 
> a) an IR has to exit and that is often not the case. And if an IR exists it is often not used, mandate or not. Here some central disciplinary respositories are much more successfull as PMC/UKPMC.

But what of those fields (and there are many) not served by disciplinary 
repositories? Are the academics in those to be ignored? Where are they to 
deposit, where are they to find OA versions of papers? Mandate IR deposit as 
part of funding requirements and the institutions will create a repository. 
It's not expensive, certainly less expensive than much of the other 
requirements that funding bodies place administratively on institutions, in 
my experience.

> b) We believe that OA is better supported by the Gold road and therefore a change of the business model is needed. That means costs should be covered by APCs or institutions or mixed models. 

Gold is slow, far from certain and almost certainly at least as expensive as 
the current situation. You are at the mercy of publishers who have shown 
themselves to be shameless and rapacious in extracting every last cent out of 
their hegemony in subscription-based publishing. Without the counterbalance 
of Green, Gold will be delayed, piecemeal and very very expensive. WIth the 
counterbalance of Green, Gold can be pushed through much more quickly. YOu 
say "we believe". Please provide a rational argument for that belief. Stevan 
has published a rational argument for why Green now Gold later is a sensible 
route, and has demonstrated the mechanisms towards that route (funder 
mandates for IR deposit on an ID/OA basis, institutional mandates for IR 
deposit on an OA basis, near-100% Green OA allowing a real negotiation with 
publishers for them to provide their actual value-added services at sensible 
profit margins, paid for by the now-feasible subscription cancellations).

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