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Laurent Cloarec Laurent.Cloarec at ut-capitole.fr
Fri May 13 14:40:58 BST 2022

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Hi everybody!

The "core" stage of the cfg/workflows/eprint/default.xml file for our repository had slowly become a "mess" (or, if you prefer a gastronomic metaphor, some kind of "plate of spaghetti"!), each time harder to maintain, with its huge amount of nested tests, loops, etc...

For instance, I've just figured out that two contradictory logical tests where nested one into the other!

So I would like to reorder it, and the first idea that comes to me is to use the following EPC tags, according to the type of item, somehow like this:


    <epc:when test="type ='item_type_x'">



    <epc:when test="type ='item_type_y'">



    <epc:when test="type ='item_type_z'">







where the "..." dots would be replaced by the complete list of every "component" necessary for the given item type, with the required values tests.

But my question comes around the fact to wonder if it's a good idea, or if it is mandatory to follow the commonly ordered flow of all possible components, whatever the item type may be (tests would determine their presence or not).

Thank you in advance for any "authorized" answer, and best regards...
Laurent Cloarec
Service Commun de la Documentation - Service du Numérique Documentaire
Université Toulouse 1 Capitole
tél. : (+33)(0)
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