[EP-tech] Problem after changing port number

David R Newman drn at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Aug 24 18:52:34 BST 2021

Hi Herbert,

So assuming you want to redirect from 8080 to 80, you need something 
like the config below.  As EPrints won't know anything about port 8080, 
unless $c->{port} in the archive's cfg/cfg.d/10_core.pl is still set to 
8080.  You will need to configure this in Apache2's config directory.  I 
assume you are running either Ubuntu of Debian (as Jessie is a codename 
for a Debian release).  So create the filename redirect_8080.conf in 
/etc/apache2/sites-available/ and add this config (change to match your 

Listen 8080
<VirtualHost *:8080>
         RewriteEngine on
         RewriteRule ^/(.*) http://HOSTNAME/$1 [R=301,NE,L]

Then run the following commands as the root user:

a2ensite redirect_8080
apache2ctl configtest
apache2ctl restart

This should introduce a redirect for any URL that starts 
http://HOSTNAME:8080  to just http://HOSTNAME, which it sounds like you 
have now configured.  I assume that you have run or re-run

EPRINTS_PATH/bin/generate_apacheconf --system --replace

Where EPRINTS_PATH may be /opt/eprints3 or /usr/share/eprints. If you 
have not be sure to do this before running the two apache2ctl commands 
above.  If still still does not fix your problem.  Please send the 
output of the following command, run as the root user:

source /etc/apache2/envvars && apache2 -S


David Newman

On 24/08/2021 18:00, Herbert Hrachovec via Eprints-tech wrote:
> CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
> I am running an Eprint3 server on ubuntu  jessie. After migrating from a
> previous installation it is running on port 80. Several service
> providers have caught the change, but, as I recently found out, a number
> of external sites listing the server still show the previous port number
> (8080).
> How can I make apache2 redirect the old URL to the present one? I tried
> unsuccessfully to use a nginx reverse proxy. It seems I need the
> document root of the current installation. How do I find it? Or is there
> another method?
> Thanks for any advice.
> h.h.
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