[EP-tech] load a javascript and css only in abstract pages

Yuri yurj at alfa.it
Tue Oct 29 07:26:53 GMT 2019

Sorry, I've found eprint_render can manage head too:

=== at the end of eprint_render ===

     foreach my $key (keys %fragments)
         $fragments{$key} = [$fragments{$key}, "XHTML"];

     my $page = $eprint->render_citation("recollect_summary_page",
                                         flags => $flags);

     my $title = $eprint->render_citation("brief");
     my $links = $repository->xml()->create_document_fragment();
     if (!$preview)
     } ## end if (!$preview)

     return ($page, $title, $links);

Il 29/10/19 08:24, Yuri ha scritto:
> Hi!
>  I need to insert a css and some javascript in the abstract pages (and
> only there). For javascript I can use the eprint_render method to
> insert them in the page. But what about css? The can be linked (they
> are not small and came from a cdn) only in the head section. The page
> is composed after the eprint_render method, so I don't know if I can
> mess up with <head> in eprint_render.
> Any idea?

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