[EP-tech] uploading big files

Florian Heß hess at ub.uni-heidelberg.de
Mon May 27 15:51:40 BST 2019

Am 27.05.19 um 08:23 schrieb Yuri via Eprints-tech:
> Hi!
>    other than direct web uploading, how do you manage the ingest of
> records with big files? For example, do you do the upload for the user,
> or do a fake upload and then replace the file in the server filesystem?
> The main problem on big files is the uploading time, it can take hours.
> Can you share your experience?

We even limit the size of the upload to 100M by Apache means, so there 
is no (easy) way to exceed our provisions. When a document exceeds 100M, 
the user is requested to upload a placeholder file (few do that 
actually) which we replace by the actual file ingested in the background.

The replacement is done by associating the file to the document via the 
EPrints-API and then by using the document files dialog to declare the 
main file as the new one and to delete the old one.

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