[EP-tech] ResourceSync and EPrints

Will Fyson R.W.Fyson at soton.ac.uk
Fri Jan 11 14:45:26 GMT 2019

Hi Tomasz,

I've been looking into adding ResourceSync functionality into EPrints 
and have made a start on an EPrints 3.4 ingredient. Unfortunately I've 
not had the time to make a lot of progress and so it consists of just a 
couple of scripts so far, but I've created a new GitHub repository at 
https://github.com/eprints/resourcesync where we might be able to pool 
our efforts.

Whilst the intention is to define this as a 3.4 ingredient, ingredients 
may be easily backported into 3.3 as they consist of a collection of 
configuration files, scripts and plugins that can be added to the 
appropriate directories in a 3.3 repository.

Many thanks,


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ResourceSync (http://www.openarchives.org/rs/toc 
  is recommended by COAR as a next generation repository technology in 
their report (http://ngr.coar-repositories.org/technology/resourcesync/ 

ResourceSync is a synchronization framework, a successor of the OAI-PMH 
protocol that is faster, reliable, scalable and allows real-time 
notification (and recovering of missed messages). ResourceSync is 
already implemented in DSpace.

Is anyone in the EPrints community working on ResourceSync for EPrints?


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