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Jean-Marie.Lebechec at inp-toulouse.fr Jean-Marie.Lebechec at inp-toulouse.fr
Fri Jan 12 12:12:33 GMT 2018

Hi all, Is it possible to capture in any way the id of the multiple 
field from which autocompletion is declared? Let me explain a bit 
(difficult to explain in English for me!): in my case, I trigger a call 
for autocompletion (with call to webervice). Ok.I added a link (idRef) 
that calls a modal window that refine the search (and offers the 
possibility to redo a search). The call is made this way : /<a 
href=\"#\" onClick=\"jQuery.noConflict();envoiClient('Nom de 
personne',\'$name, $firstname\','','','','','','');return 

In return, I want to retrieve the selected information in the modal 
window and insert it in the right place in Eprints form. For that, I 
need to pass, automatically, in parameter, the iD of the field from 
which autocompletion is started. Something like : //...
///<a href=\"#\" onClick=\"jQuery.noConflict();envoiClient('Nom de 
false;\">IdRef</a>/ / ///<a href=\"#\" 
onClick=\"jQuery.noConflict();envoiClient('Nom de personne',\'$name, 
false;\">IdRef</a>/ ... /How to capture this information from the 
autocompletion definition file? Is it even possible?
Tell me if it's not clear ..and thank you for your help or suggestions ! 

Jean Marie Le Bechec
Service Commun de la Documentation
Responsable ingenierie documentaire
Direction du Systeme d'Information
Referent Etudes

Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse
6 allee Emile Monso - bp 34038 -
31029 Toulouse cedex 4
Tel : 05 34 32 31 16
Tel Port : 06 40 81 35 68
Mail :lebechec at inp-toulouse.fr

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