[EP-tech] Archive under attack, security issue

John Salter J.Salter at leeds.ac.uk
Wed Jan 3 13:59:04 GMT 2018

Hi Alfredo,
Is there anything in the error logs?
Can your server access other websites? It need to be able to contact the Recaptcha service to confirm the response.

It might also be worth looking at:
which updates the reCaptcha to v2, and has a configuration setting for a proxy - if you server uses on when trying to contact external services.

I think it should work OK on v3.3.14.


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it's some days that one of my archives is under a flood of fake registrations.

I activated a re-captcha plug-in but nothing changed.

The Archive is: http://www.rmaos.unina.it

How can I stop this?

I need help

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