[EP-tech] IRStats2 sets filtering

Laurent Cloarec Laurent.Cloarec at ut-capitole.fr
Tue Feb 6 17:26:52 GMT 2018

Hi there,

For our repository statistics 
(http://publications.ut-capitole.fr/cgi/stats/report), I don't understand while 
reading the documentation (https://wiki.eprints.org/w/IRStats2) why almost all 
filtering items work : for instance :
- by authors :
- by subjects :
- by types :

...and does *NOT* work by "division" (or in this case "University Structure") : 
the link points to the "Browse View" 
(http://publicatins.ut-capitole.fr/view/divisions/division_namedset_code/) and 
not to a report 

I don't understand where does this filters list come from, as I did'nt see any 
clue within "z_irstats2.pl" configuration file (in the Reports section, 
"authors" report is defined, but "subjects" and "types" ones are not)...

Thanks in advance for any help and best regards
Laurent Cloarec
Service Commun de la Documentation - Service du Numérique Documentaire
Université Toulouse 1 Capitole

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