[EP-tech] Eprints 4

Yuri yurj at alfa.it
Fri Dec 7 07:22:01 GMT 2018


There's no mention to metadata schemas, OpenAire, DataCite, Data 
Repository and all this useful stuff for a modern data/document 
repository. It would be cool that Eprints could use easly scheme of 
metadata (Datacite, Mods, whatever a modern repository needs) and also 
support the creation of a policy pages with all the information suitable 
for a digital repository (DOI/Handle, how you handle this and that on 
OAIS model, notion of SIP, how to handle fixation of the data -md5 and 
checks -) so certification for digital repositories could be made easly. 
This can help in making Eprints succeful, more than an internal 
technical revision, I think.

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