[EP-tech] Problem in file uploading for new deposits after configuring https

Shivaram Gowda shivaramgowda at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 08:09:11 BST 2018


Recently I upgraded my repository from Eprints 3.0 to Eprints 3.3.15
on Ubuntu 16.04 server edition, upgrade was successful.  Also
configures https and WAF (web application firewall) for Eprints to
check vulnerability risks (Stored Cross Site Scripting, Cross Site
Request Forgery, Session Fixation etc) & restricted file uploads to
.pdf, docx, .pptx.

Now when I tried to deposit new documents it is working fine except
file upload features. When I upload .pdf file it blinks and returns to
upload page without uploading document.

I am able to upload .pdf files to documents deposited earlier (before
configuring https & Waf)

Looking forward for suggestions


Shivaram BS
Govt. of India (Autonomous)
HAL Airport Road
Kodihalli, Bangalore-560017

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