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Mario Santanche mario.santanche at uniroma1.it
Mon Sep 11 14:51:13 BST 2017

Hi list,
I've some problems about the use of the EP-tech list. I would like to knows
if it is possible to search the oldest mails into the list without browsing
the index <http://mailman.ecs.soton.ac.uk/pipermail/eprints-tech/>. I would
like to search with Google and find directly the mails I want to retrieve.
Instead, when I run a search, Google always redirects me to the index page.
Best regards,
Mario Santanché

*Dipartimento di Scienze documentarie, linguistico-filologiche e
*Biblioteca. Sezione di Scienze documentarie*
Università di Roma
P.le A. Moro, 5, 00185 Roma
T (+39) 06 49693346 (Int. 33346)
mario.santanche at uniroma1.it
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