[EP-tech] Scripted XML download?

Andy Reid Andy.REID at lshtm.ac.uk
Mon Mar 27 14:51:32 BST 2017

I do some checking, analysis and visualisation of our repository in a third-party package, and I have it set up to ingest Eprints XML.  I'd like to update this once a week or so, but if I download it all in one big go it takes about 3 hours, 1.5GB, and tends to fail halfway in.  I have been doing it manually one year at a time, but that means 17 separate manual search-and-download operations, each taking ten minutes or so.  I don't have shell access to the server, so can't script it command-line.

I have looked at the search page but after a search, the download form references a cached search id so I can't just copy the URL in the download form.

Can anyone give me a template for a URL that would work in a single pass in wget or libwww,  that I could then cron to fetch the EPXML ?  Obviously I have to be able to authenticate as well...  ?

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