[EP-tech] Changing the Pre-defined searches available for REF selections to items published from 01/01/2014

Alan.Stiles alan.stiles at open.ac.uk
Wed Mar 15 17:09:37 GMT 2017

Hi Annette,
>From a quick look, it appears to be defined in line 340 the Listings.pm module of the REF plugin:

                        push @filters,
                                { meta_fields=>[ 'date' ], value=> "2008-", match=>'EX', describe=>0 };

So it's going to take someone with command line access and a small amount of confidence to change it (and update the plugin with the new file so the bazaar doesn't complain...)

We haven't done anything with it, yet...  and this was just a quick glance so I could be wrong.

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We have set up a new Benchmark in our repository using the REF 2014 plugin.  I can see from the REF 2014 documentation http://www.eprints.org/ref2014/ that the pre-defined searches are set to 2008-.  Has any other institution tweaked the REF 2014 plugin to change the pre-defined searches available to 01/01/2014 in order to conduct a trial run submission exercise? Is it possible to change this date and could you point me in the right direction if it is please?
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