[EP-tech] Citation on raw db-field value?!

Gilles Fournié gilles.fournie at cirad.fr
Tue Jul 4 07:45:58 BST 2017


I think "as_string" may be what you are looking for.



    This strips any EPrints MetaField type from the value and returns a
    plain STRING. This is used to suppress the normal render function.
    So that, for example, a value from a set field will be printed as
    the database value, rather than the phrase associated with it.

Hope this helps

Le 03/07/2017 à 16:06, jens.vieler at id.uzh.ch a écrit :
> Hi List
> read the wiki, tested a couple of combinations... can't figure it out:
> is there a way to get the raw db-field value of an single eprint 
> inside a citation without getting the phrase?
> I want to use the language_mult field to flag out language changes 
> within the latest tool, using my special citation (Probably i have to 
> cut it from 3-char to 2-char... howto!?).
> Cheers
>  Jens
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