[EP-tech] Correct EPrints Export/Import syntax and issues

Adam Field Adam.Field at jisc.ac.uk
Tue Jan 31 11:11:45 GMT 2017

If you’re *in* the bin folder, you’ll need:


type ‘which <command>’ and it’ll tell you what’s actually running.

Unlike MS-Dos, the current directory is never assumed to be in the execution path.


Adam Field
SHERPA services analyst developer

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Thanks John,

Yes, I’m running these while sat in the /bin folder – probably should have been more specific ;P

I’ll give that more specific export a try and see what happens.

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Hi Andrew,
Should you be calling '~/bin/export' and '~/bin/import'?
'export' is a different unix command entirely (as is 'import')!

If you're calling the right thing, I'd suggest trying to export a single item using:

> bin/export ARCHIVEID eprint XML 1

This *should* export eprint #1 - if this doesn't exist, try another one!


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Subject: [EP-tech] Correct EPrints Export/Import syntax and issues

Right, I’ve been trying to get my head around the back end import/export routine for EPrints.

Exporting from our current live box generates an xml file for me, however the xml file is empty. I’ve left this running to see if it would populate in the background but this never seems to happen. The command I’m running is:

export <MYARCHIVE> archive XML > filename.xml

As this hasn’t been working I decided to take an image from the front end by doing a search and extracting the results as EPrints XML. I don’t know if that is affecting the next step!

On Import to a local Virtual Machine with EPrints set up I’ve tried a couple of things. The syntax I’m using is:

import <MYARCHIVE> --verbose --enable-import-fields --update --force archive XML filename.xml

Running this as the eprints user in this environment throws this error:

No protocol specified
Import.im6: unable to open X server ‘:0’ @ error/import.c/ImportImageCommand/368.

The “no protocol specified” error, on some Googling, suggests that the eprints user does not have sufficient rights to run this command. So I decided to run it with a sudo. This results in the box sitting there and doing nothing – no output, nothing happening in EPrints. I have to force quite to get any response.

So, I’m at a lose end with this! Am I doing something wrong in both of these cases? Any suggestions would be most welcome!

Best regards,

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