[EP-tech] Random error help...

Alan.Stiles alan.stiles at open.ac.uk
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Thanks John – completely down to code in cfg.d with my big mitts all over it!

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Nothing in with the main error log, or a vhost specific one?

I'd start with this:
>grep -r -n 'call' archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg lib perl_lib | grep 7

Which will show you any occurences of 'call' on line 7 of a file - it may be crude, but it might help!

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Subject: [EP-tech] Random error help...

So, editing a user profile (on new dev server 3.3.15) and when I try to go to next or previous stage or save the page I get a message

Can't call method "call" on an undefined value at (eval 213) line 7

There’s nothing in the apache error log – any clues where I should look?

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