[EP-tech] Document upload folder permissions

Peter West pjw at repositoryservices.co.uk
Thu Aug 10 10:25:37 BST 2017

are you using a red hat variant and is SELinux enabled? Is so try 
disabling SELinux.

On 10/08/17 09:44, Andrew Beeken wrote:
> Hello all,
> I’m taking advice on this from a couple of places so apologies for cross
> posting – I’m having a funny one with file uploads in my new EPrints
> instance. Documents just will not upload to records and I think it might
> be a permissions thing. I’ve checked with our ICT department and there
> are no firewall restrictions on the server. When I try to upload the
> document in the workflow, I get a progress bar briefly and then nothing
> – no metadata fields for the file, no confirmation that it’s even
> uploaded. I check the folder structure and there’s nothing there. The
> perms on the documents folder are chowned by eprints:eprints, chmodded
> to 2775 – both recursively. I’ve set apache to run as eprints:eprints,
> restarted apache, checked that the process is definitely running as
> eprints, even restarted the browser. Still nothing. I’m not sure where
> to go from here!
> Andrew
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