[EP-tech] Quick export plugin question

John Salter J.Salter at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Sep 22 09:39:18 BST 2016

Hi Robin,
This example is from EPrints::Plugin::Export::DC:

if( $eprint->exists_and_set( "subjects" ) )
                my $subjectid;
                foreach $subjectid ( @{$eprint->get_value( "subjects" )} )
                        my $subject = EPrints::DataObj::Subject->new( $plugin->{session}, $subjectid );
                        # avoid problems with bad subjects
                                next unless( defined $subject );
                        push @dcdata, [ "subject", EPrints::Utils::tree_to_utf8( $subject->render_description() ) ];

The reason this is a bit more complex than just outputting the value is that the subjects can be multi-lingual, so there is a translation from the stored value to the ‘human’ version in a specific language (even if you’re not using them!) – based on the language used for the session.

How should $data->{B} be constructed when there are multiple subjects?
The ‘push @dcdata’ line should be changed to do whatever you need – maybe constructing a string that is then assigned to $data->{B}.


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Hello everyone,

I’m wondering if someone could help me here. Using an export plugin, I would like to export a value from a subject tree.

Currently, the code is:

$data->{B} = $dataobj->get_value( "divisions" ) if $dataobj->exists_and_set( "divisions" );

This works, but it exports the “subject ID string” rather than the rendered subject.

How can I export the associated subject instead of the ID? Our archive is multilingual but these “subjects” are in only one language.


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