[EP-tech] Hiding some document types from search page

Adam Field Adam.Field at jisc.ac.uk
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Whenever I’ve implemented this, I’ve always used automatic fields.  See http://wiki.eprints.org/w/Training_Video:Automatic_Fields -- you need to create a new field (e.g. type_category) and then populate it automatically based on the type field, then add that field to the search form.  Note that the video does this with a browse view, but the principle is the same for a search.

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Subject: [EP-tech] Hiding some document types from search page


We would like to hide a document type from the list of available types (checkboxes) that appear on a search page.
Another option would be to group 2 item types under only one generic term, but only for the search page. Is that possible? We would prefer to keep them as separate types in the workflow.

Looking at the code for our basic search page, I don’t seem to have much control over the output. Any idea?

$c->{search}->{simple} =  {
    search_fields => [
               id => "q",
               meta_fields => [
          { meta_fields => [ "date" ] },
         { meta_fields => [ "type" ] },
         { meta_fields => [ "divisions" ] },
    preamble_phrase => "cgi/search:preamble",
    title_phrase => "cgi/search:simple_search",
    citation => "result",
    page_size => 20,
    order_methods => {
         "byyear"  => "-date/creators_name/title",
         "byyearoldest"  => "date/creators_name/title",
         "byname"   => "creators_name/-date/title",
          "bytitle"  => "title/creators_name/-date"
    default_order => "byyear",
    show_zero_results => 1,


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