[EP-tech] Adding Google Custom Search Engine to EPrints xpage file

John Salter J.Salter at leeds.ac.uk
Tue Oct 18 13:03:44 BST 2016

Apologies, early morning train-based emails... ‘page’ xml is what I meant (i.e. the xpage)…


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Subject: Re: Adding Google Custom Search Engine to EPrints xpage file

Thanks John.

Yes, the error was to do with namespaces. I’m new to eprints, we are reskinning it for our library team, so what/where is cage XML? I think this might be my only possible lead, otherwise I might have to give up on trying to use GCS.


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Subject: Re: Adding Google Custom Search Engine to EPrints xpage file

What is the error that gets thrown?
Anything to do with namespaces?

I'm guessing you're putting balanced tags in - so my hunch is that the gcse: is an unrecognised name space?
If so, does registering it in the top of the cage XML help?

(Not tried any of this... - just early-morning guessing!)

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Subject: [EP-tech] Adding Google Custom Search Engine to EPrints xpage file

Hi all,

Just wondering ... has anybody been able to implement a Google Custom Search Engine with EPrints. I noticed that ROAR attempted to do it - http://roar.eprints.org/content.html - but when I run a search, I get a 403 error.

The problem is that when the tag <gcse> is put in an xpage file, EPrints throws an error - I'm assuming it doesn't recognise the tag. Wrapping the tag in cdata tags or using JavaScript to insert the element don't work.

Any suggestions/tips would be much appreciated.

Thank you!



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