[EP-tech] Debug Creator browse view generation

Andrew Beeken anbeeken at lincoln.ac.uk
Wed Nov 16 10:59:24 GMT 2016

Thanks both!

It looks like the issue here is a data issue. A function in Authorid.pm has had some code added to it which checks against a database table for users which are no longer at the institution, however it doesn’t seem to be able to cope with a user that isn’t present in that table. The function is:

sub get_value_label
                my( $self, $session, $value ) = @_;

                my $user = EPrints::DataObj::User->new( $session, $value );

                #Checks the normal process and returns the user if found.
                if( defined $user )
                                return $session->make_text( EPrints::Utils::make_name_string( $self->_get_name( $session, $user ) ) );

                #If not returned with normal user checks value is a valid number and trys to pull the user from the ldap_user table instead
                if ($value =~ /^[+-]?\d+$/ )
                                if (scalar @{$session->get_database->search_sql_ldap($value)}){ << THIS IS THE LINE THAT’S GIVING ME GRIEF!
                                    my @check = @{$session->get_database->search_sql_ldap($value)};

                                    if(defined($check[0][0]) && defined($check[0][1]))
                                                my $string_build = $check[0][0] . ", " . $check[0][1];
                                                return $session->make_text( $string_build );

                #Otherwise just simply output the value
                return $session->make_text( $value );
                #return $session->make_text( "me" );

…and I’ve marked the problematic line of code. When it encounters an empty string instead of a scalar, the view generator goes…


…and falls over. Giving us no generated views. And a 500 error. Which is nice.

So, I think the answer is to handle that empty string and let the function carry on to the fallback of returning the value, however my knowledge of perl is less than functional at best and I really don’t want to do any more irrevocable damage. Any thoughts would be welcome!


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> bin/generate_views ARCHIVEID --view viewid --verbose

(You can do ‘--verbose --verbose’ if you really need to!).

Depending on where your issue lies, you might want to use one of these options too:
--generate menus
--generate lists

Which will be a bit quicker than a full run.


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Hello all!

So, back to that old chestnut of errors throwing in our EPrints installation (yay!) I’ve had to do some tweaks to make it read our LDAP table. Now I’m getting errors on the creator browse generation! I think I’ve figured out where the problems are occurring however I don’t know if it’s a code issue or a data issue. Is there a way of running the view generator from the command line with –verbose so that I can see what it’s trying to do and figure out where the error is occurring?


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