[EP-tech] /eprints/ page mechanism

Laurent Cloarec Laurent.Cloarec at ut-capitole.fr
Mon May 30 14:20:50 BST 2016

Thank you so much, David,

The original english version of "index.xpage" file was in the 
lib/lang/en/static/eprints/ folder

I created a lib/lang/fr/static/eprints/ directory sub-tree and copied the 
translated "index.xpage" there, and it works perfectly !

Best regards,
Laurent Cloarec

David R Newman wrote on Mon May 30 11:50:05 BST 2016
> Hi Laurent,
> This is just a case that there is not a French version of that page. If
> one existed it should be at either:
> EPRINTS_ROOT/lib/lang/fr/static/eprints/index.xpage
> or
> EPRINTS_ROOT/archives/ARCHIVE_NAME/cfg/lang/fr/static/eprints/index.xpage
> Where EPRINTS_ROOT will probably by either /opt/eprints3/ or
> /usr/share/eprints3/ and ARCHIVE_NAME Is the name of your archive.
> I would advise copying the existing
> /opt/eprints3/lib/lang/en/static/eprints/index.xpage to
> EPRINTS_ROOT/archives/ARCHIVE_NAME/cfg/lang/fr/static/eprints/index.xpage
> it will obviously still be in English, so you may wish to translate it
> if you have the resources to do so.
> Regards
> David Newman
> On 30/05/2016 11:35, Laurent Cloarec wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> The EPrints software last versions (3.3.x ?) embed an information "mechanism"
>> through the <virtual host name>/eprints/ U.R.L. that shows credits and things like :
>> «
>>> About this software
>>> This site is running EPrints 3.3.xx
>>> EPrints is free software developed at the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, England.
>>> Other institutions are invited (and encouraged) to set up their own open repositories for author self-archiving, using the freely-distributable EPrints software used at this site. The Southampton EPrints team can also provide hosting, training and consultancy services.
>> »
>> and so on...
>> For our repository, when it is displayed in native english language, it works
>> fine, of course, but with the other translated language (french), it displays an
>> error message : "Ne peut trouver ce fichier" ("Cannot locate this file"): /eprints/
>> As I guess it's not only an "ep:phrase" problem, what's wrong with our EPrints
>> translated system ???
>> Thanks in advance for any answer...
>> Best regards,
>> --
>> Laurent Cloarec
>> Service Commun de la Documentation - Service du Numérique Documentaire
>> Université Toulouse 1 Capitole
>> France

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