[EP-tech] Problems with the Coversheets plugin

Annette Moore a.moore at sussex.ac.uk
Mon May 9 19:26:55 BST 2016

We are currently trying to install the Coversheets plugin and following through on the Wiki guidelines for Coversheets at
http://wiki.eprints.org/w/Coversheets .   Despite installing OpenOffice and the various other dependencies, we are still not seeing the options under Admin > Manage Records > Coversheets to Create New Coversheet or to upload a template.  Has anyone else experienced problems installing Coversheets and getting them up and running?  Could anyone send me a screenshot from the Coversheet page or explain the options that should be available for adding coversheets.  Whilst our IT team are working on installing the plugin, in the Library we are customising the template but it would be very helpful to understand how much flexibility there is in choice of a template.  For example, if creating a template to be used with certain Item Types, is the coversheet added automatically at the point of uploading a document or does this happen on the fly when I pdf is downloaded?  Is there an option to override the default template associated with an Item Type and select a different template?

Thanks in advance,


Annette Moore
Technical Services Librarian

The Library
University of Sussex

T:01273 877046
E:a.moore at sussex.ac.uk

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