[EP-tech] Database versions and Storage Engines

Ian Stuart Ian.Stuart at ed.ac.uk
Mon May 9 09:31:10 BST 2016

On 06/05/16 02:36, Matthew Brady wrote:
> Hi All,
> Just wondering if there are any pros/cons for moving the tables from the
> default MyISAM to InnoDB.
> The DBA’s are wanting to upgrade MySQL to a newer version, and asked if
> swapping engines could also be performed.
> Is there any reasons I shouldn’t move away from the MyISAM engine??

I've run EPrints against PostgreSQL for close on 10 years.

The only "problems" I've come across are
1) that the *install* requires mysql (and you change to Pg after the 
install), and
2) I need to upgrade to Pg 9.3 to get live replication across multiple 


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