[EP-tech] Importing EP3 borking with HTML entities

Vials Moore, Adam Adam.Moore at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Mar 30 11:02:49 BST 2016

Hey all!

It's that moving from one repository to another time again!

However, the import keeps falling over as the EP3 export has HTML entities (most notably a ton of & and ' but the occasional > and <)

Importing from an XML export (3.3.10 ./export liverpool_integrated archive XML <some_repository_id_numbers> > <repository_export_file> ) to an XML import (3.3.14  ./import uolrepo --enable-web-imports --enable-import-fields --utf8 --verbose -user symplectic archive XML <importFILE>) it keeps crashing as the export has &amp; and &apos; in text fields - the importer crashes, complaining

Error! Unhandled exception in Import::XML: Can't use string (" ") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use at /opt/eprints3/bin/../perl_lib/EPrints/MetaField.pm line 2106. at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.18.2/XML/LibXML/SAX.pm line 101. at /opt/eprints3/bin/../perl_lib/EPrints/XML/LibXML.pm line 137.

If anyone has suggestions or solutions to get these imports working they would be much appreciated!



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