[EP-tech] Delete Eprints_ID

John Salter J.Salter at leeds.ac.uk
Mon Mar 7 18:36:17 GMT 2016

It looks like the wiki page is a bit out-of-sync with the code.

If you want to remove all the EPrints/Documents/Users/Subjects, but leave the config in place, you can do:
~/bin/epadmin erase_data ARCHIVEID

If you want to remove the whole thing (all the config etc.), I think you have to delete the following (THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE!):
- database
- ~/cfg/apache/ARCHIVEID.conf
- ~/cfg/apache_ssl/ARCHIVEID.conf
- ~/archives/ARCHIVEID (and all subfolders)

You can then recreate the archive with ~/epadmin create


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Hi all.
I'm testing Eprints.
And I'm trying to delete a Eprints instance from a virtual machine, but when try run the script "bin/epadmin delete repository Id" this does not recognize. According the wiki, I can delete with that.

How can I delete Eprints instance?

Thanks and regards.
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