[EP-tech] Testing REF CC with new Dates plugin version 1.0.5

fyson r.w. (rwf1v07) rwf1v07 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Mar 1 12:55:29 GMT 2016

Hi Annette,

The update of REF CC to version 1.0.5 adds in the functionality of getting the 'Date of first online publication' from the 'Published Online' from the Dates plugin. This means it will look for a 'Date of first online publication' first from the old eprint's date field (which the 'Dates' plugin supersedes), then it will look for a 'Published Online' option from the 'Dates' field, and then it will look for a RIOXX date of publication, with each one in this list overriding the last for 'Date of first online publication'.

However, the update of Dates to version 1.0.5 ensures that whilst 'Published Online' is sent to REF CC, the 'Published' value is sent to RIOXX. Whilst this is what required from the two plugins, because REF CC ultimately gets its date from RIOXX if its available (as described above), it is the 'Published' version of the date that REFF CC ends up using.

Therefore Dates v1.0.5 has essentially be designed to work with a version of REF CC which has not yet been released. Therefore I've rolled back the DatesDatesDates plugin to version 1.0.4 for now and will update it again once a new version of REF CC version has been released.

I hope this clears things up a bit!

Many thanks,


Richard William Fyson
rwf1v07 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
EPrints Services
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University of Southampton
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Subject: [EP-tech] Testing REF CC with new Dates plugin version 1.0.5

We are currently testing the REF CC (version 1.0.5) and Dates plugin (version 1.0.5) on our test ePrints server however, it seems like REF CC is taking the Published  date type rather than the Published Online as the ‘Date of first online publication’  - if both dates are present in the record.  It only seems to use the Published Online date if that is there is not Published date.  I am fairly new to ePrints so would welcome any comments on this.  Is there further configuration required so that REF CC uses the value in the date type ‘Published Online’ as a default?

We recently updated the REF CC plugin to version 1.0.5 but not sure exactly what changes to expect with this update.  Any pointers on this?

Best wishes,


Annette Moore
Technical Services Librarian

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University of Sussex

T:01273 877046
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