[EP-tech] Solr is failed - Vufind cannot communicate with the Solr Index.

Dp Tripathi dptnitrkl at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 00:19:21 BST 2016

 Dear All,

I have installed Koha and DSpace in Lubuntu and also installed Vufind
through .deb package

Solr is not able to communicate with the Solr Index.

When I start the Solr (http://localhost:8080/solr), getting the following

VuFind cannot communicate with the Solr index.

Troubleshooting steps:

   1. Did you start the Solr server? See Starting and Stopping Solr
   <https://vufind.org/wiki/administration:starting_and_stopping_solr> in
   the documentation.
   2. Have you checked the Solr admin panel for errors? You may be able to
   find it here <http://localhost:8080/solr>.
   3. Are you using non-default Solr settings? If your Solr URL is not
   <http://localhost:8080/solr>* or your core name is not *biblio*, you
   will need to customize the [Index] section of

Kind help to solve the above issue.


DP Tripathi

NIT Rourkela
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