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Wed Jan 27 16:27:57 GMT 2016

hi adam

On 20.01.2016 10:23, Adam Field wrote:
> So, every page does have a URL, but you should be aware that going to
> the new item url creates a new item and forwards you to the edit url for
> the newly created item.

and what would be the url for creating an item?

> Can I ask what the problem is that you’re trying to solve?  What’s the
> requirement, and who will be utilising this functionality?

1. adding it on a screen as a link instead the button (for design reason)
2. send it in a newsletter to the researcher as low barrier adding
possiblility (knowing, that most press will create waste (empty items).
but it would be interesting to get some information about behavior ...)
3. just to get info about the REST API (!)
4. ???

thanks a lot

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> Subject: [EP-tech] eprints REST API
> hi
> i'm looking for informations about the pronounced REST API for v3.2
> http://wiki.eprints.org/w/New_Features_in_EPrints_3.2#REST
> actually we are looking for a way to get to the "new item" page via an
> http link.
> are there any documentation or solutions already made?
> thanks a lot
> christoph

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