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jens.vieler at id.uzh.ch jens.vieler at id.uzh.ch
Wed Feb 24 12:51:27 GMT 2016

Dear List

we're building a new cgi/export-plugin solution to support publication
lists in our web. Doing some searches, building some lists,
remainder/union/intersect them together, and finaly, we export a kind of
XML, including metadata and a citation.
Actually everything works quite well, BUT if the result turns into long
lists, we are running into performance problems.

We did some benchmarking and here is the result over a typically

- building up the result needs 15 sec.
- search and generate lists 0.015sec
- merge lists 0.08sec
- generation of export data 14sec

congrats: dealing with search and lists is very fast within eprints :-)

so we took a closer look at what happens while building the output.
first of all: it grows linearly with the use of render_citation.

1 time   '$citation = EPrints::Utils::tree_to_utf8($dataobj->
render_citation("default"));' takes 14sec
2 times '$citation = EPrints::Utils::tree_to_utf8($dataobj->render_citation
("default"));' takes 29sec
4 times '$citation = EPrints::Utils::tree_to_utf8($dataobj->render_citation
("default"));' takes 54sec

second: it speeds up while reducing the citation XML file (default) to a
minimum; when it only includes the title, the export needs 2sec for 1000

So my question is: Is there a way to speed up render_citation? Does it
always interpret the whole citation XML file? Has anybody thought about a
way to compile the XML to a perl routine or cache things like this?

Any help is welcome

Jens Vieler
Universität Zürich
Stampfenbachstrasse 73
CH-8006 Zürich

mail:  jens.vieler at id.uzh.ch
phone: +41 44 63 56777
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