[EP-tech] Eprints not sending activation email

John Salter J.Salter at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Dec 22 09:44:24 GMT 2016

Hi Luxmore,
In the admin interface, on the 'System Tools' tab, there's a 'Send Test Email' button - if you use this, can you send an email to yourself?

If this can't send email, try checking whether you can send email from the commandline (e.g. using the 'mail' command).

How is your server configured to send email?
There are some settings in ~/lib/syscfg.d/settings.pl - which may be using SMTP.
It may be that your server forwards email to another mail server - and this is being blocked for some reason.
It may be that the mail is being dealt with by the localhost, and this isn't working.

Hope that help you start finding out what the problem is - ask if you need more help!


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Dear All

My E-prints  repository recently stopped sending activation emails when a user registers or tries to reset a password. Previously it was functioning well. What could possibly the problem and how do i resolve this issue.


Mr Luxmore Chiwuta

Cell: 0773578278; 08644053434

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