[EP-tech] Render field in Citation different ways.

Brian D. Gregg bdgregg at pitt.edu
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I’ll give it a try.  I’ve not worked with virtual fields yet so this will be a first.  Thanks for reminding me that these are available.

Thanks again,

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Virtual field?



Adam Field
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Subject: [EP-tech] Render field in Citation different ways.


Is there a way in a citation for an EPrint to render a field in different ways such as using the render function for the field by default and a way to define an alternate render?

For example.
If I had a DOI stored in the id_number field as such “doi:10.XXXX/abcdef” and default render turns this into ‘<a href=http://dx.doi.org/10.XXXX/abcdef>10.XXXX/abcdef</a>’, but I also want it to have a 2nd render that turns the same data in the id_number field into ’10.XXXX/abcdef’ only, how could I accomplish this?

Thoughts or did I miss something somewhere?

Thanks in advance,

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