[EP-tech] Re: "Manage deposits" list not sorting

Robin Sylvestre robin.sylvestre at polymtl.ca
Tue Sep 22 20:46:07 BST 2015

Hi David!

I’ve tried your fix on our test server and it works!

We would never have figured that one on our own.

Thank you so much!


De : David R Newman [mailto:drn at ecs.soton.ac.uk]
Envoyé : 22 septembre 2015 12:11
À : eprints-tech at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Objet : [EP-tech] Re: "Manage deposits" list not sorting

Hi Robin,

I think I have got to the bottom of this issue and it is a fairly simple fix 
but was an absolute pain to diagnose.  Hopefully this will fix your problem 
as well.

It looks like MariaDB does not sort sub-queries which is needed by EPrints 
to reorder an EPrints ::List.  This is how the ordering of the table on the 
Manage Deposits page is ordered.  More detail can be found on this issue on 
MariaDB at:

 <https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/why-is-order-by-in-a-from-subquery-ignored/>https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/why-is-order-by-in-a-from-subquery-ignored/I am not sure if this is only an issue with MariaDB or whether laterversions of MySQL have the same issue.  Therefore, even if you are runningMySQL it is worth giving my (slightly hacky) fix a try.Below is a rough diff of what I needed to change inperl_lib/Database/mysql.pm to make things work:--- mysql.pm (revision 9244)+++ mysql.pm (working copy)@@ -397,7 +397,9 @@$sql .= "($Q_pos, $Q_keyname)";$sql .= " SELECT  <mailto:\@i> \@i:= <mailto:\@i> \@i+1, $Q_keyname";- $sql .= " FROM ($select_sql) ".$self->quote_identifier( "S" );+ # MariaDB does not order sub-queries unless limited. Using limit of 2^31-1in case any system is using a signed 32-bit integer.+ my $limit = " LIMIT 2147483647";+        $limit = "" if $select_sql =~ /LIMIT/;+        $sql .= " FROM ($select_sql$limit) ".$self->quote_identifier("S" );$self->do( $sql );}Hope this helps,David NewmanOn Tue, 2015-09-15 at 19:44 +0100, Adam Field wrote:Oooohhhh, complicatedOK, you'll need to check the user record to see which columns they haveturned on, and then order by the first one, as I believe that is the onedefault ordering applies to.A better idea, though, would be to figure out what's going on.Is anyone else on the list experiencing this problem?--Adam FieldBusiness Relationship Manager and Community LeadEPrints ServicesOn 8 Sep 2015, at 14:30, Robin Sylvestre <<mailto:robin.sylvestre at polymtl.ca> robin.sylvestre at polymtl.ca> wrote:Thank you Adam!I can confirm it works better now, although there is still one thing left.When we get to the "manage deposits" list, it always appears as if sorted bydescending eprint ids, regardless of what should be the active column. Thelist gets sorted correctly only after we click on the column's title.For instance, see the attached screenshots: When the page is loaded(screenshot001) and what it should be (screenshot002).Any ideas?Robin Sylvestre-----Message d'o!
 rigine-----De : Field A.N. [ <mailto:af05v at ecs.soton.ac.uk>mailto:af05v at ecs.soton.ac.uk]Envoyé : 7 septembre 2015 06:45À :  <mailto:eprints-tech at ecs.soton.ac.uk> eprints-tech at ecs.soton.ac.ukObjet : [EP-tech] Re: "Manage deposits" list not sortingI've seen this issue before -- in the case I examined, it looked like the_buffer_order parameter was somehow being lost.  I managed to get it workingwith the following code in the Items plugin:in the 'properties_from' function:       #af05v 20150512 Workaround for immediate solution to lack ofordering       my $order = $session->param('_buffer_order');       $self->{processor}->{af05v_order} = $order;in the perform_search function:       my $list = $self->{session}->current_user->owned_eprints_list(%$search, # custom_order => $search->{order}       #af05v 20150512 Workaround for immediate solution to lack ofordering               custom_order => $self->{processor}->{af05v_order}       );However, I didn't have time to figure out *why* this was happening.  Anyonehave any ideas?--Adam FieldBusiness Relationship Manager and Community Lead EPrints Services+44 (0)23 8059 8814On 2 Sep 2015, at 17:48, Robin Sylvestre wrote:Hello fellow EPrinters,Running version 3.3.14, we have noticed a strange behavior on the “managedeposits” screen. Items do not sort at all, when clicking on theappropriate column title (see attached screen shots). Nothing changes,only the up/down arrow appears.The strange thing is that the “revision” list is not affected by this bug,only the “deposits” list.I have tried to do a “epadmin reorder [archive] eprint” but that does notcorrect the problem. Both of our live and test versions have this problem.Did anyone notice a similar bug or has a solution to offer? Thanks!!Robin SylvestreTechnicien en documentationBibliothèque - Services techniques et systèmes informatisés ÉcolePolytechnique de MontréalTél.: 514-340-4711 poste 3743<ScreenShot001.png><ScreenShot003.png>*** Options:http://mailman.ecs.soton.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/eprints-tech**!
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