[EP-tech] EPrints Item Upload Screen & IE Cache

Greg Whitney greg.whitney at polymtl.ca
Mon Sep 14 15:38:22 BST 2015


Our school staff is still getting used to the new EPrints 3.3.13 version, since we went live in the beginning of August 2015. 

They have discovered a "bug" with the EPrints Upload Item/Document screen & Internet Explorer. I was just wondering if any other sites have found this. 

In IE, when you upload a new version of a document with the SAME filename and click on the document icon to view the file, IE will always display the PREVIOUS cached version of the file. To view the new file contents, you have to clear out the IE cache.... We have tried playing with the IE browser cache settings to no avail. 

FireFox & Chrome work A-OK. 

Our IT Dept. supports IE as our official browser. Our school's theses are deposited by clerks in the departments & approved/published by the central Registrar office, so there is a lot of back & forth of PDF file versions between them.... 


Greg Whitney 
Polytechnique Montréal Library 
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