[EP-tech] [accomplished] citation modification

Thomas Lauke th.lauke at arcor.de
Tue Oct 13 18:03:49 BST 2015

Hi Gilles,

> the parameters order seems to be different than yours ...
yes, that's obvious ...

After reordering the parameters I got for
Rind, Victor; Wolf, Hans-J.; Ziege, J.-Herbert; Schaf, Klaus-Peter
Rind, V., Wolf, H.-J., Ziege, J.-H. und Schaf, K.-P.

I thank you all for your contributions

BTW:  Additionally following phrases influence the citation
<epp:phrase id="lib/metafield/pagerange:range">S. <epc:pin name="from"/>-<epc:pin name="to"/></epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="lib/metafield:join_name">, </epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="lib/metafield:join_name.last"> und </epp:phrase>

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