[EP-tech] Regenerate Views from Admin page causes [pin missing: orcid]

Adams, Thomas tadams at cshl.edu
Wed Oct 7 18:24:06 BST 2015

Using EPrints 3.3.11, I have duplicated some code to allow a person's orcid id to be displayed within the Update/View.pm.

When I run "bin/generate_view archiveid" command from the CLI, I get the expected display of the orcid number and link in the view page.

However, when I click on "Regenerate Views" from the Admin page and look at a view page, instead of seeing a link and display of the orcid id, what is shown is:
[pin missing: orcid]
On the newly regenerated page.

I would like for the view page to be render correctly, when it is being regenerated after a "Regenerate Views" request.

I am puzzled, why bin/generate works but the Regenerate Views for the Admin menu does not.  Is there another CLI command I need to issue to ensure that the Regenerated View sees the defined orcid parameter? Or some file which might need to be updated?

BTW - I get the following error message (423 times) when running bin/generate_views.  Line 13 is just a comment, so I do not know where the error message is referring in order to correct it ...
bin/generate_views cshleprints3 |& sort | uniq -c
    423 Use of uninitialized value in string eq at (eval 163) line 13.

My addition within Update/Views.pm:
                        my $orcid_phrase;
                        if (defined $oid)
                                my $op = $xml->create_element("p", class=>'cshl_author_orcid');
                                $op->appendChild($xml->create_text_node('ORCID: '));
                                my $aao = $xml->create_element( "a", href=>'http://orcid.org/' . "$oid" );
                                $aao->appendChild($xml->create_text_node( $oid ));
                                $orcid_phrase = $repo->html_phrase(
                                $orcid_phrase = $repo->html_phrase("cshl_author_no_orcid");

                        $intro_phrase_id = "viewintro_$view->{id}";
                        $intro = $repo->html_phrase(

The phrases file cfg/lang/en/phrases/local.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE phrases SYSTEM "entities.dtd">
<epp:phrases xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xmlns:epp="http://eprints.org/ep3/phrase" xmlns:epc="http://eprints.org/ep3/control">

<!-- CSHL-3: Phrases for the Browse view pages for CSHL Authors -->
<epp:phrase id="viewintro_cshl_author"><span class="cshl_author_view"><epc:pin name="name" /><epc:pin name="web" /><epc:pin name="orcid" /><epc:pin name="image" /></span></epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="cshl_author_name"><h3><epc:pin name="name" /></h3></epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="cshl_author_no_name"></epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="cshl_author_image"><epc:pin name="image" /></epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="cshl_author_no_image"></epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="cshl_author_web"><epc:pin name="web" /></epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="cshl_author_no_web"></epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="cshl_author_orcid"><epc:pin name="orcid" /></epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="cshl_author_no_orcid"></epp:phrase>

<!-- CSHL-3: Phrases to describe the new languages -->
<epp:phrase id="languages_typename_web">URL</epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="languages_typename_img">Image</epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="languages_typename_orcid">ORCID</epp:phrase>

<!-- CSHL-2: Phrases for the TagLite components in the workflow -->
<epp:phrase id="Field/TagLite:cshl_author:blurb">CSHL Authors:</epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="Field/TagLite:cshl_author:taglite_picklist_blurb">Choose a CSHL Author</epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="Field/TagLite:highlight:blurb">CSHL Authors:</epp:phrase>

<!-- CSHL: No idea what this phrase is about -->
<epp:phrase id="viewname_eprint_highlight">VIEWNAME HIGHLIGHT</epp:phrase>


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