[EP-tech] Help: New Bazaar Accolades

Field A.N. af05v at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri Oct 2 11:41:48 BST 2015


	I've created two new bazaar accolades

		* One-click install (clicky finger icon)
		* Complex install (spanner icon)

	I've tagged two of my packages in the bazaar with the right accolades:


	Rather than spend a couple of hours rummaging through the bazaar packages and setting these accolades, I thought I'd crowd-source this.  If you post bazaar packages you care about that are either simple one-click installs OR require the services of a sysadmin to install (e.g. need libraries, crontab changes, etc), then I'll set the appropriate flag in each of them.

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