[EP-tech] Permission denied error installing plugin

Morrissey, Kahena K.Morrissey at bolton.ac.uk
Wed Nov 25 12:54:54 GMT 2015

Hi Everyone,

I am setting up a test EPrints instance and I have been trying to install a plugin without much success.

I am getting the error below when trying to install the ReCollect plugin.

"Error operating on /usr/share/eprints/lib/epm/recollect/cfg/autocomplete/: Permission denied"

The apache error logs indicate that it cannot make the directory:
Failed to mkdir /usr/share/eprints/lib/epm/recollect: Permission denied

I have added  the "apache" user to the "eprints" group and the "eprints" user to the "apache" group

My httpd.conf has been modified to have the  "User" and "Group" as eprints.

All the files in /usr/share/eprints are owned by eprints and the user and group permissions on the files are all the same.

total 132
-rw-rw-r--.  1 eprints eprints     7 Apr 16  2015 VERSION
-rw-rw-r--.  1 eprints eprints  1382 Apr 16  2015 AUTHORS
drwxrwx---.  2 eprints eprints     6 Apr 16  2015 var
-rw-rw----.  1 eprints eprints 92927 Apr 16  2015 SIGNATURES
drwxrwx---.  2 eprints eprints  4096 Nov 23 14:30 bin
drwxrwx---.  5 eprints eprints  4096 Nov 23 14:30 cgi
drwxrwx---. 12 eprints eprints  4096 Nov 23 14:30 lib
drwxrwx---.  2 eprints eprints  4096 Nov 23 14:30 licenses
drwxrwx---. 21 eprints eprints  4096 Nov 23 14:30 perl_lib
drwxrwx---.  4 eprints eprints    27 Nov 23 14:30 testdata
drwxrwx---.  2 eprints eprints  4096 Nov 23 14:30 tests
drwxrwx---.  6 eprints eprints  4096 Nov 23 14:30 tools
drwxrwx---.  3 eprints eprints    20 Nov 23 15:14 archives
drwxrwx---.  4 eprints eprints  4096 Nov 24 15:18 cfg

I have manually switched user and created the directory without issue.

All changes were followed by httpd restarts and I am running CentOS 7.

I have tried the suggestions mentioned in discussion posts below but nothing seems to work.

Can anyone say what else I may be missing please, as I am at a loss as to what else to try?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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