[EP-tech] Re: repos with a mix of HTTP and HTTPS

Yuri yurj at alfa.it
Mon Nov 23 08:01:52 GMT 2015

Il 23/11/2015 03:34, Matthew Kerwin ha scritto:
> Hi EPrintsers, I have a query about serving a repository with a mix of 
> Currently our two repositories have a pretty standard setup: the bulk 
> of the site is served over plaintext HTTP, including untrusted session 
> cookies. Secure/administrative functions are served over HTTPS.

Interesting, can you post how you didi it? It can be useful.

> We want to reconfigure the server to use HTTPS for the entire site 
> (for various reasons, Google search rankings high amongst them.) 
> However we want to retain the option of plaintext HTTP access so that 
> some less modern external indexers and crawlers can continue to do 
> their thing.

What is the problem in using https by spider instead of http? I would 
switch entirely on https.

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