[EP-tech] EPrints, CERIF 1.6 and CRIS

George Mamalakis mamalos at eng.auth.gr
Fri Nov 20 15:47:30 GMT 2015

Hi everybody,

A developer of a CRIS platform in our campus wants to retrieve data from 
my EPrints installation and he wants to do it with CERIF export (don't 
ask me why, I don't know these prototypes at all, I'm just saying what 
I've been asked to do). I told him to use the oai service, but he says 
that their platform has no oai-harvester, so he can't and he tries to do 
it via other means. So, for his reasons he chose CERIF. Now that he did, 
he complaints that his version of CERIF is 1.6.1 whereas EPrints' 
version (3.3.14) is 1.4, which doesn't fit his needs.

So, is there CERIF 1.6.x support for EPrints, or should I tell him to 
convert/whatever the exported file to his version (or maybe use some 
other export mechanism supported by CRIS).

Thanks all in advance, and sorry if what I just asked doesn't make much 
sense, since I've used all these acronyms (CRIS, CERIF) by hard :).

Have a nice weekend everybody!

George Mamalakis

IT and Security Officer,
Electrical and Computer Engineer (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki),
PhD (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki),
MSc (Imperial College of London)

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

phone number : +30 (2310) 994379

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