[EP-tech] IRStats2: incremental cron job

George Macgregor george.macgregor at strath.ac.uk
Thu Nov 19 16:36:46 GMT 2015

Hello all,

Just seeking some opinions from the list on an IRStats2 related issue. Like many of you we have IRStats2 installed (on 3.3.13).  We can observe from systems monitoring tools that the incremental processing cron job (configured to run over night in the small hours) can be extremely resource hungry and can often grind ePrints to a halt, e.g. excessively long response times for users while the job is running.  It is difficult to know how big a problem this is because the job runs when fewest people are known to access it.  Having said that, every download can be significant and I was wondering whether a) this also happens to be an issue for others, and b) whether anyone has attempted staggering the cron job, e.g. running it several times a day so that the job is less intrusive?  Not sure (b) is even possible without re-engineering the plugin but thought I would ask anyway!

We are also reviewing our technical set-up because I think we are little tight on memory (4GB).

Thanks in advance for any replies!


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