[EP-tech] Re: Setting a date (as a sub-field)

Ian Stuart Ian.Stuart at ed.ac.uk
Thu May 28 15:49:59 BST 2015

On 28/05/15 15:32, Timothy Miles-Board wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> Have you seen https://github.com/eprintsug/datesdatesdates

I hadn't... and it's almost identical to what I created

it worked fine for you, yes?

   my $ds = $session->dataset( 'archive' );

   my $list = $ds->search;
   $list->map( sub {
     my( $session, $dataset, $eprint ) = @_;
     my ($date, $type);
     ($date, $type) = ($eprint->value('date'),
     if ($date) {
       my $new_date = {date => $date}; #, dates_type => $type};
   print "Date: $date; Dates: ", Dumper $new_date;
       if ( $date =~ /\d+\-\d+\-\d+/ ) {
   print "Altering the date recording on #".$eprint->id."\n";
         $eprint->set_value( 'dates', [$new_date] );
           } );

Interestingly..... if I add a "sleep 2" after the commit, the ERRORs 
don't appear for 6 or 7 iterations!


Ian Stuart.
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