[EP-tech] Re: eprintid reassignment

Ian Stuart Ian.Stuart at ed.ac.uk
Mon May 11 15:35:11 BST 2015

On 11/05/15 15:19, Simon Jennings wrote:
> One of our RDM project leaders who doesn't really want to see any gaps
> in the id sequence. It's not really a functional requirement so I guess
> its more of a question of how easy is it to do?

Is the repository used by just the one RDM Project?
If no, then their eprintids will be interspersed with other projects

Do they understand that eprintids are assigned when a new item is 
STARTED... so it that item doesn't complete, or get reviewed, there will 
be a gap between the prior and following [shown] records

There will be no *easy* way to do it.... it's basically assumed to be an 
auto-increment field - though I've not looked at the code that gets the 
next available ID to see:
a) if it's a single core routine, or
b) how easy it would be to hack so it does some kind of lookup

..... but I raise the question "How will you find the first free hole?"
you'll either need to poke every eprintid from 1 until you find a hole, 
or do yet more hacking to somehow keep a track of ids that are made free


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