[EP-tech] Problems having the secure.xml template loaded OR How to get a different $config{base_url} for secure connections?

Florian Heß hess at ub.uni-heidelberg.de
Fri Jul 10 16:04:00 BST 2015


please could someone point me to where in the codebase EPrints decides 
to load either of default.xml or secure.xml template? Failed to grep 
that place in order to find out what the exact conditions are.

What I am struggling with is to load local asset files (.css, .js). If 
the connection is secure because the client is logged in, Firefox seems 
to happily load these files into cache as Firebug shows, but refuses to 
use them. That's apparently why the user area is styled with bare 
browser-defaults, while in the public pages the styles are applied properly.

Firebug allows to change the loaded code on the fly. By fixing the urls, 
I get some style afterwards. Not everything, to fix this may be yet 
another issue when I have solved the basic one.

We have different hosts for insecure and secure connections, and 
different http(s)_roots too: https requires loading from a subpath on 
another vhost, while http is served directly from the official domain. 
This setup seems to be too exotic for the current implementation. 
Because EPrints urls are variadic in regard to hierarchy depth, the 
paths cannot be indicated relative or absolute-on-same-domain in the 
template (at least not without dirty methods asking for trouble).

If the default.xml vs. secure.xml template distinction is deprecated, I 
didn't find a hint in the changelogs. As a work-around I considered to 
define a different $config{base_url} when the connection is secure, but 
in cfg.d/session.pl file, can't I use $session->get_secure to get a 
session-restricted base_url for template rendering?

Following has no effect:

$c->{session_init} = sub {
     my ($session, $offline) = @_;
     $c->{base_url} = $c->{https_root} if $session->get_secure;

Kind regards

UB Heidelberg (Altstadt)
Plöck 107-109, 69117 HD
Abt. Informationstechnik

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