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jens.vieler at id.uzh.ch jens.vieler at id.uzh.ch
Mon Jan 12 16:00:28 GMT 2015

Hi out there,

i just want to share some thoughts about using EPrints-Content for a
publisherlist in a WCMS. In this case a author adds an EPrint and want's to
find his new item also added (just in time) in a publisherlist on his
personal web-site. So, our WCMS has to ask EPrint for all publications by
this author (or department, whatever) and perhaps wants to offer the
WCMS-user some added special features like sorting, cutting results into
peaces of 10,20,100  ... things like this. From ePrint-Server we just need
raw (XML)-Data.

Our installation uses different ways to create such lists, mostly using
saved searches, hacking some output through iframes, static
data-snippets;...all grown through the years.

So i am searching for a transparent, easy way to teach WCMS taking content
as quick as possible from EPrint-Server by RSS, XML/XSLT, JSON, ...anyway.
Our first thoughts went again into the direction of saved searches. Found
some stuff around
 - many things happend between ePrint V3.2 and V3.3. I also tried out
shelves-Plugin as a author-driven list-editor: Nice, but not automaticaly
adding new items; authors always have to do one more workflow-step to add
items to thier shelf.

Perhaps i am blind?! Does anybody know a third way, API, trick or know how
to deal this an easy way?
Any help is welcome :-)

Jens Vieler
Universität Zürich
Winterthurerstr. 190
CH-8057 Zürich

mail:  jens.vieler at id.uzh.ch
phone: +41 44 63 56777
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