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Ian Stuart Ian.Stuart at ed.ac.uk
Fri Feb 27 12:37:25 GMT 2015

On 27/02/15 11:53, Andrew Beeken wrote:
> I don¹t know if this would be covered under Advanced Configuration but it
> would be great to get a deeper understanding of the view rendering
> process, i.e. what happens behind the scenes when EPrints creates a flat
> page, what files it pulls from, how it interprets templates etc. From a
> development point of view I find this an incredibly muddy area to get to
> grips with.

The area's I've worked in, that I've had to figure out:

* Creating scripts to select records based in a known field value 
(including no value)
* Creating importers
* creating exporters
* Modifying phrases & templates... and when they get picked up
* Modifying config scripts & package files.... and when they get picked up
* SWORD (1.3 & 2.0)

Some of this I've documented on the wiki - some I haven't


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