[EP-tech] OAI2 missing setSpec

Gernot Deinzer Gernot.Deinzer at bibliothek.uni-regensburg.de
Thu Feb 26 07:37:52 GMT 2015


the Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) brought my attention to an
issue regarding the output of the oai-interface using a request of the
type ListRecords.

Within one record the setSpec elements were just shown for sets (e.g.
subjects) but not for custom_sets like driver defined in oai.pl or in
other configuration files.

With an addition of the following lines of code in
perl_lib/EPrints/OpenArchives.pm also these sets are shown in requests
of type ListRecords


after line 146 ( at the end of the if( EPrints::Utils::is_set( $oai2 ) )
-statement )

		$viewconf = $session->config( "oai","custom_sets" );
        	foreach my $info ( @{$viewconf} )
                        $header->appendChild( $session->render_data_element(
						$info->{spec} ) );


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